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Why is Odec Ice-maker (OD-IM01) a Household Favorite?

Why is Odec Ice-maker (OD-IM01) a Household Favorite?

“Imagine going home after a really long day at work and all you’re craving is a chilled bottle of whatever soda you have at home. On getting home, you find out that for some reason the soda is not chilled enough. No ice around, and you’re too tired to go out and get one.”

You’re left to drink your lukewarm soda or just water. Simply imagine the frustration you’ll feel with every single gulp. Yeah, it can be super frustrating.

That’s what happens when you don’t have the Odec Ice Maker Machine for Countertop.

An Ice Maker is a household appliance that helps you make and preserve ice from the comfort of your home. It is a must-have for every household. The ice from ice makers can be used for drinks, put in an ice pack for tremor and every other personal use.

Ice makers save you the stress of stocking up on ice during events. You can make and serve your own uncontaminated ice in minutes.

Amazing right?

Well, it would be, if you have the best countertop ice maker around in your kitchen.

What is the best countertop ice maker?

We knew you would ask. Follow this article till the end for the full gist on the best countertop ice maker in the industry. It will be worth your while. We promise. Read Up.

About the Manufacturers

Odec Ice Maker Machine is the best tabletop ice maker in the industry.

The brand Odec is owned and manufactured by the Nouve Technologie Del Freddo company. NTF is an Italian Ice Maker that launched in 1991.

Since it’s arrival in the industry, the company has never ceased to amaze the market. Like every other ice maker, the company at inception had cold rooms, ice stores and other commercial ice users as its target audience.

Now, it manufactures ice makers for both commercial and household purposes.

Odec Ice-maker (OD-IM01): General Overview

Odec Ice Maker (OD-IM01)has gradually become a household favorite. One would assume this is because of it’s super portable feature.

Well, that’ll not be absolutely right. This is because there are a thousand and one portable ice makers in the industry.

So why Odec? One would ask.

Here’s why:

Product Specifications

NTF’s (OD-IM01) has the following product specifications:

Product Dimension 14.3 x 10.3 x 13.3 inches

Voltage/Frequency 120V/60Hz

Product Weight 20.5 pounds

Cube Sizes Small & Large

Installation Type Countertop

Production Time per cycle 6-7 minutes

Output in 24 hours 26.5 lbs

Quantity per cycle 9 pieces

Cleaning Mode Smart Self-Cleaning feature

Reservoir Capacity 2.1 liters

Power Source Electricity

Batteries Required No

How to Use the Odec Ice Maker Machine?

One amazing thing about this Odec Ice Maker Machine for Countertop is that it is super easy to use. It is built with easily comprehensible controls. You only have to be semi-literate to put it to use.

The ice maker comes with a few touch-sensitive controls. There are two buttons that allow you to pick the size of the ice you would like the machine to produce. You could either go for the regular small cubes or the custom-made hollow bullet-shaped cubes.

Reviews have shown that users prefer the larger cubes better. Not just for the aesthetic, but because it is said to chill the drinks faster.

There’s also the Water Shortage Button feature. It comes on when you need to add more water to make the ice cubes.

The Ice Full Indicator is a reminder to take out the ice basket that is already full of ice cubes. Then there’s the Thermal Insulator feature that puts the three-layered insulating system to good use and the Self-Cleaning function.

To make use of the Odec Ice-maker (OD-IM01)all you need to do is put water in the machine, select the ice-cube sizes and leave it to run for 6-7 minutes. The Ice Full Indicator will light up once the basket is full. Scoop the ice into an ice-bucket with the Ice scoop and refill if you need more ice.

It really is that easy.

One other spectacular feature of this product is its Quiet Cooling feature. It’s almost noiseless. It produces less than 45dB noise.

Odec Ice-maker is super low on power consumption. It thus saves you money and energy in the process.


The maintenance feature is the icing on the cake. This product does not require manual cleaning.

Once you need to clean it, just touch the Self-Cleaning button. It automatically cleans itself. The good thing about the Self-Cleaning feature is that it cleans the machine thoroughly. In essence, bacteria does not accumulate in your machine because your hand is unable to get a spot when manual cleaning. The machine cleans every nook and cranny of itself.

Note though that to enjoy the durability of this product, be sure to always drain out water after cleaning through the provided water outlet.



At this point, we trust that you now have the answer to your “What is the best countertop ice maker” question.

This Odec Ice Maker Machine is an essential for every household. It saves you time, stress, money, energy and can even clean up after itself. Odec gives you ease with the push of a button.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours now at the nearest appliance store.


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