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Why Frigidaire EFIC108-RED Compact Ice Maker Is the Best Choice for You?

Why Frigidaire EFIC108-RED Compact Ice Maker Is the Best Choice for You?

“Tell me first, why are you even considering buying an ice maker? Can’t you make ice from your home refrigerator? You don’t have to be confused. We both know that it’s not even close to the amount of ice we use on a hot summer day in one go. Imagine you are having a party at home. Can your fridge even dream about fulfilling the required amount of ice cubes?”

Frigidaire EFIC108-RED Compact Ice Maker (Red)

You might think now, “That’s why they sell ice cubes at the store”. But I have brought down enough ice cubes in the past on the day before a party. Then obviously we don’t have a choice we have to put them inside the freezer until tomorrow. That’s when the issues happen. I have no space to store my food for the party because two large ice cube bags are sitting in my freezer.

And have you ever managed the day with just two ice bags? Whatever the large gathering is, I can never give enough cold drinks on a hot summer day. It’s like Ice cubes are vanishing into thin air. After going through all these troubles, I decided to get an ice maker for myself.

But is it worth the money you spent on it? My answer is, “it depends on the ice maker you buy”. Let me tell you why. There are many ice makers for you to purchase in different sizes for different prices. First, think about how often you need the services of an ice maker. Then think about the size of your gatherings.

So considering all these requirements, I decided to give Frigidaire EFIC108-RED Compact Ice Maker a spot on my counter. I think for every regular family like mine this will be an excellent choice.

Amount of Ice Can You Make?

Frigidaire Ice Maker can make 26lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours. Roughly It’s 12kg of ice cubes. I know that number won’t help you much. In my experience, my ice maker makes nine(9) ice cubes within 7 to 15 minutes. After having a box full of ice cubes from the previous day, I can easily manage big-size gatherings at this rate.

Are you thinking, “what can nine ice cubes do?”. Have no doubts that’s plenty for a large size drink. I have made a drink every five minutes, and I think you can confirm this if you read customers’ reviews.

And for your convenience, Frigidaire Ice Maker makes ice cubes in two different sizes. I highly value this because I don’t have to break the ice into small pieces to add to drinks.

How Much Water Can You Add?

In one go, you can add about 2.3 quarts of water to Frigidaire Ice Maker. I find this convenient because you don’t have to fill the reservoir always. There is no recommended temperature of the water that goes into Frigidaire Ice Maker. But in my experience, don’t add hot water coming from pipes to fill it.

Does Frigidaire Ice Maker Need an Installation?

No, all you have to do is find a good place to keep your ice maker. I suggest it’s better if you can keep it closer to a power outlet. And the surface should be flat. After that, there is nothing special to do, add water and plug the ice maker. You can get ice cubes after 7 minutes.

Frigidaire EFIC108 model comes in a bright red colour design. It will add only more elegance to your kitchen counter.

See-Through Window to See the Progress

Have you owned an ice maker before, or have you seen one before? Most of those ice makers come with a fully covered design. You have to open and see whether the ice cubes are ready or not. That wastes a lot of energy and delay the ice-making process as well.

But Frigidaire Ice Maker has a large see-through window. You can see everything happening inside without wasting any energy.

Ice Shovel Included

Putting your bare hands into the ice maker is not very hygienic. Plus, who can handle those ice cubes like that? But not to worry, Ice Shovel that you receive with Frigidaire Ice Maker is there to help you.

Cleaning Your Ice Maker

It’s a must for you to clean your ice maker regularly. But many ice makers have no proper method to carry this out. Some have to wash turn upside down to empty the dirty water after washing. Never turn your ice maker upside down like that. Anyway, Frigidaire Ice Maker has a drain plug placed in the bottom. You can easily clean and remove the water through that.

Not Bad for Ozone Layer

I hope you have heard about the damage that refrigerants cause to our planet’s Ozone layer. The damaged Ozone layer can cause cancers. Happy to say Frigidaire Ice Maker does not use those harmful refrigerants. If you decide to buy one of these ice makers, it’s an eco-friendly buy.

How Does Your Frigidaire Ice Maker Make Ice?

Frigidaire Ice Maker uses a compressor cooling system to cool the water that you put into the ice maker. This method is a very efficient cooling method used today.

Is It Loud?

It’s common to have doubts about the noise level of ice makers. Because in the past, ice makers did make loud noises. That has changed quite a lot now. Even with a cooling fan running all the time, Frigidaire Ice Maker only makes sounds less than 38 decibels. It is a low noise level, and you can even keep it inside an RV.

Easy Control Panel

To make your ice-making much easy, Frigidaire Ice Maker has simple soft-touch electronic controls with multiple LED indicators. I never had to read the manual to figure that out.



I think you are reading this sentence means I don’t need to give out any more reasons for you to prove that Frigidaire EFIC108-RED Compact Ice Maker is the best. It has all the good features you can ask from an ice maker. All you have to do now is enjoy a cold drink made using your brand new ice maker.

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