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Can Sentern Portable Countertop Clear Ice Maker Fulfil All Your Needs?

Can Sentern Portable Countertop Clear Ice Maker Fulfil All Your Needs?

“Are you struggling to get a perfect ice maker to avoid the low-quality ice cubes that melt soon before chilling the beverages? If yes, then stick with us as this article comprises all the information regarding Sentern portable countertop clear ice maker. This ice maker produces ideal ice cubes within a small amount of time.”

Sentern Portable Countertop Clear Ice Maker Stainless Steel Ice Making Machine

We understand that all ice makers have a variety of features. So it isn’t easy to find the best ice machine that meets your needs with unique characteristics. But choosing the correct ice machine is important because low-quality ice maker often sticks ice together, crushed ice or even consumes a lot of electricity.

We will let you know about the best ice machine that resolves all your issues with one solution to avoid these problems.

Does Sentern Portable Countertop Clear Ice Maker Solve All Your Problems?

If you are searching for an ice maker with high functioning, eye-catching design, good storage system, less noise and the latest features, then Sentern ice maker is the right one for you. It can make ice of 48 lbs per day. This means now you can enjoy a whole bucket of ice in just a small amount of time.

It has a large storage bin that stores 2.4 pounds of ice. No matter wherever you are, either you are throwing a party or enjoying camping now, you’ll never run out of ice. Moreover, this Sentern ice machine isn’t like the other portable ice makers in the market today. Most portable ice cube makers produce bullet-shaped ice that’s cloudy or milky in color.

But the Sentern portable ice machine has cubes of ice that are crystal clear. These clear cubes are much harder and denser than other ordinary cubes, which gives an elegant glass look to your ice. If you are a drink enthusiast, then you’re going to love the quality of ice the Sentern ice maker produces. This ice machine makes ice in as little as 15 minutes.

In addition, this portable ice maker consists of a 2.2-liter water tank with an easy to use control panel, so you can keep a steady and safe supply going.

Astounding Features Of Sentern Portable Countertop Clear Ice Maker

  • Stainless Design 

This portable ice maker comes with an attractive stainless steel design that makes it easy to fit into the decor of your kitchen and gives an aesthetic look to your cookhouse. Its unit is 11.2 x 14.4 x 13.8 inches, so it’s pretty compact compared to other ice machines. Or we can say that it is the smallest portable ice maker available in the market today.

  • High Powered Fan

This ice maker is not only designed well externally with a sleek steel body but internally too, as it contains a high-speed exhaust fan. The exhaust consistently and rapidly disperses air from inside to outside the unit to maintain its safe functioning.

This activity keeps your ice maker cool as well as enhances its performance. Due to this significant feature, this maker performs smoothly, and it comes on top of the list of ice makers.

  • Easy To Operate

It’s extremely easy to operate. Anyone can operate it without hesitation. Use purified water to fill the tank. Then start the on button. Now, wait 15 minutes for the ice to come in the bucket.

You will get notified of the entire process from the high-quality led display. Moreover, this machine will alert you through the led screen when your bucket is full.

  • Three Sizes Of Cubes

The Sentern portable countertop clear ice machine fulfils all your demands as this ice cube maker gives you the option of making three ice sizes. This means you can enjoy different categories of ice, including small, medium, and large.

Moreover, you can choose the size of ice by adjusting the cooling time from the given control panel. The first batch of cubes will be done in about less than 20 minutes.

Pros And Cons Of Sentern Portable Countertop Clear Ice Maker


  • Makes crystal ice.
  • No drainage system.
  • Easy to install.
  • Relatively less noisy.


  • Use purified water.
  • A bit pricy.

Steps To Install Sentern Portable Countertop Clear Ice Maker

  1. Place your ice maker in a location where your ice machine is protected from direct sunlight and other heat sources.
  2. Set your ice maker in a place where there are at least 4 inches of space between the back and sides of your ice machine and wall.
  3. Clean the interior with warm water and a soft piece of cloth, then rinse with clear water.
  4. Take out the ice bucket and clean it.
  5. Unplug the water drain cap to remove excess water.
  6. Replace the water plug before filling it with water.
  7. Before using your ice machine for the first time, run two or three cycles of ice to dispose of any plastic from the shipping process.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Sentern Portable Countertop Clear Ice Maker

1. Does This Ice Cube Maker Has a Drainage System?

  • No. This is a portable countertop ice maker, so it doesn’t require any drainage system. However, it reuses its melted ice again to produce more ice cubes rather than wasting it.

2. Is There Any Warranty For This Machine?

  • Yes, of course, the Sentern portable ice maker comes with one year warranty although it depends upon the customer if you handle it properly so you can exceed one year too.

3. How Much Time It Takes To Produce A Bunch Of Ice?

  • It produces crystal clear ice cubes, so it takes only 15-20 minutes to create a bucket of ice. However, ice production varies from machine to machine, type of water use, and machine condition.

4. Does The Type Of Water Matter?

  • If you use the hard water, then the ice will come out cloudy and melt soon, but if you use purified or distilled water, you will get the same results for crystal ice as you are looking for.


In short, this article provides you with all the essential information with tips and tricks to overcome all your troubles while using a portable ice maker. You can now buy an ice maker for your kitchen and quickly install them.

If you are looking for crystal cubes and don’t want to invest a lot into a commercial unit, Sentern portable countertop clear ice maker is the best choice for you.

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