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Is VIVOHOME Countertop Ice Maker One of The Best?

Is VIVOHOME Countertop Ice Maker One of The Best?

“Imagine having no alternative but to drink a lukewarm beverage in the summer season. That’s like a nightmare, right? I mean, If it isn’t coffee, it might as well be chilled.”

With an icemaker handy, you can make ice churn out to serve your cravings any time of the day.

VIVOHOME Electric Portable Compact Countertop Automatic Ice Cube Maker Machine 26lbs/day Black

Figuring out which icemaker to buy is more challenging than you’d expect. Finding the right one is almost like searching for a needle in a haystack. The fact that you are reading this suggests you are willing to find out how effective Vivohome countertop ice maker is.

It’s your lucky day. This all-inclusive review will provide answers to all your questions. At least, as far as the VivoHome countertop ice maker is concerned.

Keep reading to find out more about VIVOHOME Ice Maker.

Pros of VIVO HOME Countertop Ice Maker

  • Churns out 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours
  • Has sensors that help protect an overflow of ice when the ice bucket is full
  • Makes ice within 6 minutes
  • Energy efficient
  • Two sizes of ice cube

Cons of VIVOHOME Countertop Ice Maker

  • The ice buckets are not well insulated to keep the ice for a long time
  • VIVOHOME ice maker is quite noisy
  • The ice sizes are considerably small

Basic Features Of VIVOHOME Countertop Square Ice Maker

  • Portability

Due to its lightweight and compactness, you can easily take it anywhere. You may use it in kitchens, bars, VRs, and even on a boat.

  • Easy to Use

It has straightforward controls as well. It uses a facile plug-and-play strategy. Once you plug it, fill the water reservoir, and select your ice size, you will have a bucket full of ice in no time. The installation requires no expertise at all.

  • Design

Although we will discuss this extensively, it’s noteworthy that the design looks modern but basic.

Performance of VIVOHOME Machine

Suitable for road trips, small family outings, and friendly picnics, VIVOHOME ice-making machines create chilled moments when needed.

It has a water reservoir with a 2.3-quart capacity and can also deliver nine cubes in six minutes. With this time record, you don’t need to stay without ice for long.

Operating it comes with no hassle. You just need to plug it, turn it on, and put the required water in the reservoir. Select the ice size, and it will get to work. The ice cubes from this machine have a unique bullet shape with a hollow in its center.

Additionally, it has in-built sensors that enable the detection of a potential overflow of the ice bucket. So, it pauses whenever the ice bucket is full and when the water reservoir is empty. Whenever this is the case, an indicator light comes on to call your attention to this problem until you resolve it.

Design of VIVOHOME Machine

Let’s start with the various colors available. You can select the shade of sophistication that suits your taste. But if you ask me, I would say the silver color looks deluxe compared to others. Besides the silver, there’s red, light green, Navy Green, and Black.

Another choice you can make is the ice size. You can either pick a large size or a small one. Well, the truth is these two sizes are small. Customers have often complained that there’s barely any difference between the two ice sizes. But what’s important is that it spews ice pellets, right?

The lid has a transparent window at the center, which allows you to view the interior of the ice maker without opening it. You can also fill the reservoir manually with your preferred water quantity as provided by the VIVOHOME ice maker.

Furthermore, there is an intelligent control panel that provides you with easy controls. One button to put on the machine, the other one allows you to select the ice size before the ice production begins.

One main downside is that the compressor cooling system tends to be loud while it’s at work. Hence, VIVOHOME is not a perfect choice for people with a low tolerance for noise. On the bright side, the back air vent works perfectly to enhance durability and hasten heat dissipation.

How to Clean My VIVOHOME Electric Automatic Home Ice Maker?

Soak a soft rag in water and vinegar mixture; wipe the interior of the ice maker with a soft rag. Remove the ice bucket to give it a proper wash.

Rinse the ice maker and drain the water through the outlet at the bottom of the machine. You can wipe the exterior with a soft rag as well.


1.Can I use coffee to make iced coffee drinks instead of water?

  • Yes, you can make ice out of coffee for a chilled coffee drink. This unit makes available a wide range of options.

2.Do I need to use specific water like distilled or spring for this ice maker?

  • With VIVOHOME ice maker VH289-BK, it’s a question of your choice. You can use any water you need in this machine. Distilled, spring, or even juice, if that’s what you want.

3.What is the height of the VIVOHOME countertop ice maker with the lid open?

  • The height of this unit with the lid opened is 19 to 20 inches.

Final Verdict: light and compact

We all crave icy drinks one time or the other. It’s best to have the means to satisfy your cravings when needed.

But not to worry, with a VIVOHOME electric portable compact countertop automatic Ice cube maker machine at hand, you can’t run out of ice. And if you do, you will always have this ice maker for support.

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