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Why You Should Buy Soopyk Portable Ice Maker?

Why You Should Buy Soopyk Portable Ice Maker?

“A party without ice is simply no party at all. The drinks will taste warm and weird, your guests will be unsatisfied, and it might be the ruin of your party. You need a constant supply of ice to have a cool party (pun intended).”

SOOPYK Ice Makers Countertop | Portable Ice Maker Cube | 27 lbs in 24 hrs | 9 Ice Cubes Per 5-7 Mins | Ice Maker Machine | Self- Cleaning Function | Ice Scoop and Basket£¬Stainless Steel

But, your freezer only gets you a small amount of ice after a long time. Ice trays don’t fare any better, and when you buy ice, it melts too quickly. So it is never enough to host that party you’re planning or enjoy cool drinks on the go.

Wondering how you can get a constant supply of ice for your party? Soopyk Ice Maker is the solution!

This countertop ice maker can produce all the ice you need for that party. Its small size can fit easily in your kitchen or RV, anywhere you want it to go.

Now you can host that party without fear of running out of ice. But, how does the ice maker work? We discovered, in our research, that many people had trouble understanding how Soopyk countertop ice maker works.

The good news is, this article will show you just how.

How Does Soopyk Ice Maker Work?

There is no denying the pleasure of a drink with ice. In the heat of the summer, it is an essential ingredient for any refreshing drink. In addition, there is something about the click of ice in a glass that makes some drinks almost irresistible.

Soopyk Countertop Ice Makers brings that dream to life! The ice maker operates on a simple mechanism that produces up to 27lbs. of ice in 24 hours.

Here is how it works;

  • You fill the reservoir with clean, filtered water. The water should stop before it reaches bucket level. If you overfill it, the ice might not come out well.
  • The next step is to plug in the device and let the ice maker do its job. Soopyk features a 26g/ R600a refrigerant that delivers nine bullet-shaped ice after five to seven minutes. Once you turn it on, the ice starts forming around the metal rods. Once it is done, the ice goes into the bucket, and you can see it from the translucent top.
  • Soopyk ice maker automatically keeps making ice when it melts until the water in the machine is exhausted. There are two infrared sensors for when the bucket is full. Then, the LED light would come on with a low ‘di’ sound.
  • Soopyk Ice maker comes with an ice scoop to remove the ice. All you have to do is scoop it out into the glass, pour your drink, and the relaxation begins!

So, you can see that it is a straightforward process. If you encounter any challenges, you can quickly consult the Soopyk Ice maker manual. We doubt that you will, though.

The maintenance of the ice maker is also effortless. The machine self-cleans! The only thing you have to do is drain out the water from the bottom once the cleaning process is done.

Are you thinking about getting Soopyk’s portable ice maker for your home? Are you sitting on the fence about making the purchase? Then, let’s show you why this ice maker is a must-have!

Why Should You Buy Soopyk Countertop Ice Maker?

The fact that you will enjoy ice on demand at any time and anywhere is enough reason to buy a portable ice maker. However, Soopyk comes with great reasons you should choose this brand of ice maker. All these factors indicate that the Soopyk Countertop ice maker is the one for you!

  • Fast, Automatic Ice

At the rate of 9 bullets of ice every 6 minutes on average, you can have lots of ice for a small party within 30 minutes. The automatic machine also means you don’t have to do any more than press a button, and within minutes, you have your ice. No stress, no extra work!

  • Low Noise and Energy Consumption

You probably already have a freezer that is taking a good part of your electricity bill. You don’t want to add an ice maker that will consume more power. Well, that’s why you should choose Soopyk. The ice maker consumes very low energy, and it won’t skyrocket your electricity bill.

Even ice is not enough reason to sacrifice your quiet! Soopyk’s ice maker makes almost no noise, so you can even run it at work without disturbing the peace. It produces less than 40db.

  • Portable and Light

When we said you could have ice anywhere at any time with Soopyk’s ice maker, we were not exaggerating. With a lightweight of 16.53 pounds and portable dimensions, you can even take the machine with you when you go camping or to the beach. You’d never have to compromise on your absolute ice comfort again!

  • Easy Maintenance

The ice machine has a self-cleaning function. All you have to do is press and hold the power button to activate it. The process takes about 10 minutes. After the cleaning, you should drain the water using the underside drain plug.

  • For Everyone, Anywhere

Soopyk ice makers countertop can be used by all classes of people, from teenagers to older adults. Its simple one-button operation makes it easy to manage and navigate. You can easily fit it in your kitchen, office, or RV.



An iced drink is one of the pleasures of life that no one should ever be denied. With Soopyk Countertop Ice Maker, you can always have the iced drink whenever and wherever you want. So what’s left to do?

Order for your Soopyk portable ice maker today!

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