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How to Make Ice Cubes at Home Easily? Northair HZB-12A-Copper Review

How to Make Ice Cubes at Home Easily? Northair HZB-12A-Copper Review

“Ice cubes are like gold in the household during a hot summer. We use ice cubes for many things to keep us cool from the heat. But do you bring all the ice cubes from stores to use during summertime? I think there is a better solution if you are willing to invest a little extra cash.”

Northair Stainless Steel Portable Countertop Ice Maker with 26 lb. Daily Capacity – Copper

What if you start making all the ice you need at home with an ice maker? We will review Northair Stainless Steel Portable Countertop Ice Maker to identify whether it’s a worthwhile investment.

Why do You Need Ice Cubes?

  • Chill Drinks – This is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of ice cubes. Whenever we are making a drink for a guest or ourselves, the easiest way to make it chilled is by adding few ice cubes.
  • DIY Air Cooler – Fill a bowl with ice cubes and keep it sitting near a window or a fan. Any wind that flows in will feel cold and give you instant relief from the heat.
  • Home Made Ice Packs – There are times your sore muscles need an ice pack treatment. With ice cubes, you make an ice pack by yourself at home without running down to the store to buy one.
  • Cooking – There are times that you will need ice cubes for cooking. For example, you can remove floating excess fat from your dishes using an ice cube-filled ladle.
  • Save Your Pets from Heat – Your furry friends sometimes can’t bear the excess heat during summer. You can help them to cool down using ice cubes.
  • Water Your Indoor Plants – You know that ice cubes do not meltdown instantly. Next time when you water the plants, you can try adding some ice cubes into the pots to melt down over time.

We found out some uses for ice cubes in our household. Don’t you think it’s a waste to use ice cubes you bring from stores to some of these? Well, I felt the same. An ice maker can save you from that guilt and let you use ice cubes at will.

Now let’s see what Northair Stainless Steel Portable Countertop Ice Maker HZB-12A-Copper can offer us.

What is the Size of Northair Stainless Steel Portable Countertop Ice Maker?

Some of you might be worried already about the size of this ice maker because we have seen some oversized ice makers in real life. As the name suggests, this device can fit into your kitchen countertop with no problem.

Let’s see the dimensions of the ice maker.

  • Length – 14.1 inches
  • Width – 9.5 inches
  • Height – 12.9 inches

You can decide whether it fits your kitchen with these details. I’ll mention the weight of this device too.

  • Weight – 20.25 pounds (9.18kg)

What are the Colors Choices Available for Northair HZB-12A-Copper?

Some of us pay special attention to the color of the appliances we bring into our kitchen. We need to match them with the color theme of our spaces. While top plastic parts remain in the black for every option, this ice maker comes in four different colors for the body.

  1. Red
  2. Copper
  3. Black
  4. Natural Silver

They have wrapped the body of the ice maker with commercial-grade stainless steel. I have to say this gives the ice maker a better finish.

How to Make Ice Using Northair Stainless Steel Portable Countertop Ice Maker HZB-12A-Copper?

You have to follow few easy steps to make ice using this ice maker.

  1. First, place the ice maker on a flat surface.
  2. Then, plug the ice maker into a power outlet.
  3. You can fill the water container manually.
  4. Close the top lid and press the start button.

That’s all, after few minutes you can have freshly made ice cubes.

What is the Amount of Water You can Fill into the Ice Maker?

According to the manufacturer, you can fill 2.2L of water into the reservoir. There is a mark to tell where you should stop from filling the water. You can use that as a guide when filling water into the Northair Stainless Steel Portable Countertop Ice Maker.

Let’s check the performance now.

Can You Use Tap Water to Fill in the Reservoir?

If you are using the ice cubes for a drink, it’s better to use clean chlorine-treated water. In other cases, you can use tap water to make ice. But make sure to wash the unit thoroughly after that.

What is the Ice Cube making Speed of Northair HZB-12A-Copper?

Ice cube-making speed implies how fast you can make ice from this machine. You can make nine (9) ice cubes within 6 minutes intervals with Northair HZB-12A-Copper.

In other words, you can make 26lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours. But you will have to fill the water container few times to get this much weight.

What is the Shape of Ice Cubes Made in Northair Ice Maker?

Ice cubes made in this machine look like bullets. But there is a cylindrical hole in the middle up to some point. Each cube is about one inch long and a quarter-inch round in size.

You can select the size of the cubes between large and small from the control panel. Depending on the need, you can decide the size.

What are the Indicators in the Control Panel do?

There are two warning indicators on the panel that can become very useful to you.

  1. Add Water – This LED will light when the water level is not sufficient to make more ice.
  2. Ice Full – When the ice collecting basket hits the limit, this LED will indicate that.

Transparent Lid That You Can See what’s Happening Inside

Even in a refrigerator, you have to open the door to see if something is frozen or not. Because of the transparent lid in the Northair Ice Maker, you can always see what is happening inside.



I think you already felt that making ice cubes at home is far easier than running down to the store every time you need them. The Northair Stainless Steel Portable Countertop Ice Maker HZB-12A-Copper that we took for review was a good base point to show how convenient that process is.

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