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How Is COSTWAY Ice Maker Countertop (EP22769BK) A Game Changer?

How Is COSTWAY Ice Maker Countertop (EP22769BK) A Game Changer?

“Are you struggling to find a countertop ice maker that is reliable, easy to use, and can make ice nuggets quickly? If yes, you have landed at the right place, as we will review a fantastic ice maker that will fulfill your needs.”

We understand that you want to buy a countertop ice maker to make ice at home efficiently and swiftly. There are various ice makers available in the market. However, most of them aren’t that beneficial or handy, so your money might get wasted. Anyhow, you don’t have to worry because we are here to help you.

COSTWAY Countertop Ice Maker, 26LBS/24H Portable Electric Ice Machine, 9 Bullet Ice / 7 Mins, Intelligent Alarm System, with Ice Scoop and Basket, for Homes, Offices, Restaurants, Bars (Black)

In this article, we will review COSTWAY Ice Maker Countertop (EP22769BK), which is budget-friendly and makes perfect ice nuggets. So, to get all information about this ice maker you have to read the whole article. So, let’s get right into it!

Unique Qualities Of COSTWAY Ice Maker Countertop

Costway has vast experience in making high-quality commercial and portable ice nugget makers. They used this experience to perfectly design this nugget ice maker. COSTWAY Ice Maker Countertop (EP22769BK) has a compact and small footprint, so you can easily fit it on your kitchen countertop.

Moreover, this ice maker is considered one of the best ice nugget-making machines that provide the best value for your money. It can make ice nuggets in 6 to 13 minutes which is quite impressive. Also, it produces ice nuggets quickly and in different sizes and shapes that too in large quantities. Moreover, this ice maker is highly portable and lightweight.

So, you can keep it permanently on your kitchen’s counter or take it with you to a family gathering or a party. To make ice quickly and chill drinks for all of you. Costway used high-quality material to make this ice nugget machine, so it will last longer than other ice makers available on the market. In addition, it provides all these benefits at a low cost.

5 Incredible Features Of Costway Countertop Ice Maker

Following are details of the 5 main features of the CostWay ice-making machine.

  • Lightweight

As you know, the primary purpose of countertop ice makers is to make ice anywhere you want. For this purpose, the ice nuggets maker must be lightweight and portable. So CostWay has made sure that their countertop nuggets ice maker is lightweight and highly portable.

  • Efficient Ice Making

A good ice maker must be efficient and productive, so you don’t have to wait for a long time to get ice. So, Costway has designed its ice-making machine in such a way that it can easily make ice nuggets in 6 to 13 minutes. You can make almost 26.5 pounds of ice nuggets in a day. This will not only save your time but also let you serve chilled beverages to a lot of people effortlessly.

  • Multiple Smart Functions

Every good portable countertop ice nugget-making machine must have multiple smart functions to customize and change the machine’s settings. So Costway added a user-friendly intelligent control panel to their nuggets ice-making countertop machine. You can use this control panel to easily change the setting of this machine.

  • Unique Shape Of Ice Nuggets

CostWay machine can make bullet-shaped ice nuggets hollow from inside so they can easily float in liquid and don’t hurt your mouth when chewed. This machine also makes bullet-shaped ice nuggets in different sizes. So, you can make ice nuggets in any size you like.

  • High Quality

The durability of any machine depends upon the quality of the material used to make that machine. So, to make these ice maker machines more reliable, Costway used high-quality material. Also, they used food-grade material to ensure your safety.

Pros And Cons Of Costway Ice Maker

Although the Costway ice maker is highly reliable and easy to use. However, it is still a machine, and like any other machine, it also has some strengths and weakness.


  • Reliable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • Poor quality drain stopper.
  • Rare electrical malfunctions.

4 Useful Tips For Costway Countertop Ice Maker

Following are the four tips you can follow to get the most out of your portable countertop ice nugget maker.

  1. Clean your ice nuggets-making machine routinely to keep it clean. This will help your machine to work well.
  2. Always use filtered water in the ice maker to make ice. This will improve the quality of ice and also increase the life of the machine.
  3. Never overfill the water reservoir of your nuggets ice maker because the water will spill down into the machine and cause problems in it.
  4. Keep the ice maker in the area of moderate temperature when you are using it to make ice nuggets. This will help your machine work properly.

Some FAQs Related To COSTWAY Ice Maker Countertop

1. Should I keep my nugget ice maker turned on all the time?

  • No, you should never keep your portable nuggets ice maker turned on all the time. As it will consume a lot of energy, and its lifetime will also decrease.

2. Does this nuggets ice maker consume a lot of electricity?

  • No, typically, this ice maker does not use a lot of electricity to work. So, you don’t have to worry about high electricity consumption.

3. Does this ice maker keep ice nuggets frozen?

  • No, this machine is designed to make ice nuggets quickly. However, it is not supposed to keep them frozen. So, if you leave ice nuggets in it, they will melt down and turn into water.


As you have read this whole article, we hope that now you know about the incredible features of the Costway ice-maker countertop. Its benefits will make your experience of making ice nuggets easy and more fun. With this machine, you can also make ice nuggets in large quantity to take with you on your next trip.

We hope that this article helped you choose your next countertop ice maker and provided the information you need to make a choice.

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