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Why Is FREE VILLAGE HZB-12/C Perfect For Quick And Smooth Ice Cubes?

Why Is FREE VILLAGE HZB-12/C Perfect For Quick And Smooth Ice Cubes?

“Are you struggling to get quick and plenty of good quality ice cubes with beautiful shape and hygiene for your dinners and cocktails? If yes, then we welcome you here, where we describe the properties of FREE VILLAGE HZB-12/C and let you know about the tips for using it.”

Ice Maker Machine for Countertop, Self-Cleaning Function, 26Lbs/24H Portable Ice Maker, 9 Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, Compact Ice Cube Maker with Ice Scoop & Basket for Home Kitchen Office Bar (Black)

We can understand that every drink tastes better when ice cold. Otherwise, you will end up having a dull tasteless margarita. Plus, when you get ice from outside, there is a high chance of contamination, and we know that’s not what you want to enter in your stomach.

So, without much worrying, let us direct you to the best ice-making machine!

Satisfying Qualities Of FREE VILLAGE Ice Maker

FREE VILLAGE Ice Maker Countertop HZB-12/C is the best ice-making machine. The reason behind this is that it comes with up grated compressor. With its modern ice-making technology, you can get a glass full of ice in 5-8 minutes. It makes perfect nine pieces of small-sized ice cubes in the least time, and you can get 2.65lb of ice within 24 hours.

Moreover, the makers of this fantastic machine know that most of the sittings happened late at night, so the ice maker operates at the lowest decibel level of 45db. As a result, it creates no sound, and for long hours, you can use it quickly because it comes with a cooling fan that keeps the machine cool. Thus, it saves lots of energy while running the fan and machine.

Further, you get two sizes of ice cubes. Thin ice cubes serve best for keeping the iced tea, juices, and drinks cool. At the same time, you can use the thick ice bullets to refrigerate the seafood and making ice packs. The shape of the ice cubes is bullet-shaped. That’s why they melt late and remain intact for a more extended period.

Additionally, you can put the bullet-shaped ice cubes in small bottles to keep the water and juices cool. You can easily see inside the machine through a translucent window of the ice maker. Lastly, once you fill the water into the tank, you don’t have to keep checking for refilling because it will notify you itself.

Features Of FREE Village Ice Maker Countertop

  • Self-Clean

Most of the time most complicated job is cleaning the machine after use. Well, not anymore because the FREE VILLAGE Ice Maker Countertop HZB-12/C is a self-cleaning one. You only have to press the on/off button for 5 seconds to put it in self-cleaning mode. After that, the machine will automatically clean the inside and keep it ready for subsequent use.

  • One-Touch Operation

It is an ice-making machine with a great intuitive control panel. It will automatically tell you when to fill the water. Plus, it comes with intelligent technology that allows you to choose the perfect ice cube size for your beverages. Plus, the machine will notify you when the ice cubes will be ready for use; you can use them easily for parties and dinner arrangements.

  • Optional Ice Cubes Size

There is a range of ice cubes as per your need. You can choose small ice cubes that will be thin and 25mm in size, which will fit your glass best. While choosing large ice cubes will give you thick 30mm sized ice cubes, which will melt late and serve good for keeping the food fresh.

  • Portable Machine

As you can see, the size of the machine is quite ideal. Due to its high efficiency and stylish design, you can take it to any place like office, home, kitchen, bars, etc. Further, the quiet operating system works efficiently while keeping the machine running. The exhaust fan keeps the engine from heating up and shutting down.

Pros And Cons Of FREE VILLAGE Ice Maker


  • Quick ice cubes
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy cleaning
  • Compact size


  • Smaller cubes
  • Pull out basket

6 Helpful Tips For Using FREE VILLAGE Ice Maker

  1. Before using, properly clean the with diluent detergents.
  2. Rinse the interiors with clean and warm tap water.
  3. Drain the water out by unplugging the drain cap.
  4. Make sure to dry the interiors with a soft cloth.
  5. Do not forget to clean the exteriors regularly with mild detergent.
  6. Rinse with warm water and dry it with a clean cloth.


1. Does it make crystal ice or solid ice?

  • It makes crystal clear ice. However, sometimes it also depends upon the quality of water you are pouring inside the machine. So, ice color may vary from crystal clear to white-colored ice. Nevertheless, when you use purified water, you will get crystal clear ice.

2. How often do you need to clean the machine?

  • The machine is self-cleaning and operates perfectly every time you use it. You only have to press the on/off button for 5 seconds, and the engine will clean itself. However, it is better to use soft-natured cleaning agents for better cleaning inside and outside the device. Plus, don’t forget to tap dry the machine after cleaning.

3. How much time does it take to make smaller and larger size cubes?

  • It makes glass full of smaller ice cubes in 5-8 minutes, while it takes 16 minutes to make large thick ice cubes. Further, it makes a bucket full of ice cubes within 24 hrs. Moreover, it is suitable for a vast number of people to enjoy easy icy drinks.


Making a cube of ice in your traditional way by filling an ice tray with water takes almost 30 minutes to make a handful of ice cubes. However, with the new FREE VILLAGE HZB-12/C, it is only a few minutes to get perfect bullet-shaped ice cubes. Further, this fantastic machine never wastes a single drop of water and recycled the melted ice cubes back from the tray to make ice again.

Well, as you have made up to the end of the article, we hope that you like this lavish machine. Plus, it is worth spending your precious dimes over an amazing ice-making machine that will keep supplying you with quality and hygienic ice cubes.

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